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Warrior Dharma Programs

Baltimore: "Tasting the Essence of Meditation", September 11-17, 2017. For more information and to register. For additional imformation you may also contact Joan Kolker at: kolkerjoan@gmail.com.

Milwaukee: "Transforming Poison Into Medicine", September 30-October 2, 2017; to register contact Jeanne Lowry: email: jeanne.m.lowry@gmail.com, phone: 414 659 0867

Boulder: "The Magical Essence of Shambhala", November 17-19, co-taught with Bill Scheffel; registration information coming soon.

Mexico: "Tasting the Essence of Meditation", January 2-11, 2018, at Casa De Los Pianos, Yucatan; to register, contact Nikolas Maslow: email: nmaslow@me.com, phone: 719-214-0004

Mexico City: February 2018, dates TBA